Introduction: Ashley Tims

I am a junior, zoology and environmental science major, and studio art minor at OWU. I also attend Capital University for Army ROTC. I play soccer for OWU, and partake in long and triple jump on the Track team, although I am currently taking the year off from track. I have traveled with Dr. Anderson to the Amazon Rainforest, and will be traveling again with Dr. Gatz to the Serengeti.

I live in upstate New York, and black bears are common enough in my area to enjoy walking on the railings at my grandparents house, and they also have a pair of bald eagles the nest at the bottom of their hill. Anyways! I absolutely love the natural world and everything within it. I grew up watching the Jeff Corwin Experience, and The Crocodile instead of Sponge Bob and various other kids shows. I do however, have a rather “nerdy” family in that we watch Star Wars, Star Trek, The Lord of the Rings, and between all 10 of us grand kids know almost everything there is to know about the Marvel and DC Universe.

When it comes to my future plans..after graduation I will commission as a 2nd Lieutenant into the Army, and serve my term before hopefully going back to school for conservation biology. Ultimately doing work with rescuing, rehabilitating, and reinstating wild animals.

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