Current Event: “Toxic Art”

John Sabraw is an activist and environmentalist, addressing these issues via his artwork. This takes form in various capacities, both in his depictions of oil spills around the world, as well as a project he refers to as “Toxic Art”, which involves a dual process of cleaning rivers throughout southern Ohio, and then using those contaminates as pigment for painting.

"Cadiz" 2013

“Cadiz” 2013

The rivers he sources for these pigments were once coal mines, which have been improperly sealed. This results in rainwater seeping in, and becoming contaminated with toxic levels of heavy metals which eventually flow back into streams. This creates a biologically dead environment, as plants and animals are unable to thrive in such conditions.

This video outlines his mission, also there are views of the Ross Art Museum on campus in the last scenes which is pretty cool, as Sabraw had a show in 2014 here on campus.

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