Larynn Cutshaw: Personal Introduction

My name is Larynn Cutshaw and I am a junior Environmental Studies, Zoology, and Politics & Government triple major. I hope to have a career in the field of Environmental Policy, specifically in the area of coastal and marine policy. I plan on continuing my education in a Master’s International program where I will complete two years of service in the Peace Corps.

At OWU, I am involved in Delta Zeta Sorority and the president of Active Minds, Ohio Wesleyan Chapter. Furthermore, I am actively involved in research through the zoology and microbiology departments. I have been awarded two Theory to Practice Grants to support my research efforts. With these grants, I have been given the opportunity to spend two summers in Australia. The first trip (last summer) I spent six weeks in the Melbourne area collecting data for an independent project on the microbes in bird plumage. This summer, I will return to Oz for an eight-week internship with a non-profit conservation group for Tasmanian Devils.

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