Project Ideas :)

  1. First off, I should mention that I am vegan and try to eat only organic fruits and vegetables. I have progressively given up red meat, then white meat, then dairy, and finally eggs (aside from the occasional eggs I get from the health food store on Winter St. who has their own farm with chickens and ducks). Eating this way makes being on the meal plan extremely frustrating as there are very few vegan options at this school (aside from vegan cookies and mayo… yum). My project idea would be to try to get more vegan options here. Not just vegan sides and condiments, but actual vegan entrees. I’ve also tried talking to Chartwells about having more fresh, organic produce here, but was told it is impossible. However, that would be something to work towards as well.
  2. My next idea is kind of small, but my dorm room in Smith looks out onto this part of the roof that’s just gravel. I’ve always thought it’s too bad it wasn’t grass. It would look a lot nicer and would be a lot more environmentally friendly (evapotranspiration, more natural landscape). I don’t know what the process is for “green roofs” but I feel like it wouldn’t actually need specially made “grass roof tiles.” It’s completely flat so if there was soil and grass seed thrown out there I believe it would be fine. I would definitely have to do a little more research and talk to B&G and people in charge of smith.
  3. Last, I would consider trying to build/buy bat houses and find a sufficient place to put them that might benefit a bat. Bats are actually really good for the environment as they eat a lot of bugs, pollinate a lot of plants (many of which are crops we enjoy eating like bananas and peaches), and are not nearly as scary as some people make them out to be.

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