Todd D’Andrea Personal Introduction

I am a senior here at Ohio Wesleyan majoring in Geography; more specifically GIS and Remote Sensing.  I enjoy studying and analyzing various maps and satellite images in order to discover patterns or solve problems.

I am looking forward to reading “Desert Solitaire” by Edward Abbey.  One day I hope to move to the Southwest.  I spent time while in the military in Arizona, and was able to experience the majestic and awesome power of the landscape.  I was stationed in a place called Ft. Huachuca, Arizona; South of Tucson in a town called Sierra Vista.  The early mornings outside were incredible.  During the early morning hours of any given morning, meteor showers could be viewed with relative ease.  It was as if you had a window to something bigger than yourself.

Ft. Huachuca, AZ. (Source:

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