Shannon Schlater’s Personal Introduction

I am a junior, zoology major here at OWU. I am on the OWU volleyball team and pretty much spend most of my free time playing, physically preparing for, or coaching volleyball. I also spend a lot of my time obsessing over what’s happening in the world of animals. I’m one of those people that only have social media so I can watch cute animal videos or get  really mad at politicians who decide they can kidnap baby elephants from the wild.
I’ve done a couple pretty cool internships that I can’t help but brag about. First, I spent 10 weeks in South Africa at The Rhino Orphanage 🙂 I got to be a surrogate mother to about 11 baby rhinos, most of which lost their moms to poaching. 20140616_104347000_iOS
Nyani, our spoiled little girl, is a white rhino on the left and Shaka, who is scared of his own shadow, is a black rhino on the right. (Notice the differences in their mouths; white rhinos are grazers and have flat mouths, and black rhinos are browsers so they have prehensile lips, which look like a V, so they can grab leaves and branches).
I have also interned at Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuary in North Carolina where I helped rehabilitate a lot of different species. This involved giving medication, cutting dead mice up for our raptors, and sticking my hand in a bag of hundreds of meal worms, glamorous, I know.20150613_114039
Above I am holding a screech owl, which in my opinion are the cutest species we took in while I was there.
So, as you can tell I have a future working with animals.  I can’t sit still very long, so a job with long hours, a lot of walking, and protecting any and all species sounds good to me.


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