Help Researchers Study Hyenas: News Post Week 2

The Karongwe Game Reserve is a Private Wildlife Reserve in South Africa. It is also the research station for the Global Vision International Trust (GVI). I worked with GVI in South Africa over the summer and they are a wonderful and trustworthy group doing honest conservation work in Africa. On the reserve there is a clan of Spotted Hyenas. Not much is known about this species and they are very misunderstood. Spotted Hyenas are currently threatened and their numbers in the wild are decreasing. It’s important to have a thorough knowledge of a species for there to be a possibility of conserving them. I was at GVI for a month and only saw hyenas twice. An employee at GVI has been there for 7 months and has only seen 6. In order to study these animals and help conservation efforts GVI is currently running a fundraiser to raise enough money to put a tracking collar on one of their resident hyenas. If a hyena had a collar than the research team would be able to find the clan and collect data on them daily. While at Karongwe it was always exciting to see these clever and hilarious animals. They are intelligent, (not the villains people see in the lion king) and deserve further study. I was lucky enough to see hyena cubs while I was at Karongwe and fell in love with these animals. It would truly be a loss if they were to disappear! If anyone wants to donate they can click HERE

  • Also GVI is full of some of the nicest people I have ever met. They are dedicated to the animals they study and work before sunrise until dusk at conserving the wildlife of South Africa. They also raise founds and do community work at the local village schools. They deserve whatever support and shares they receive!
  • The baby hyenas currently at Karongwe! Hyenas
  • ~Amanda Marshall~

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