Nature Part 2

Presentation talking points and review of book

Peter Beach

Chapter 6

Nature as a landscape

  • nature enclosed
  • 18th century parks and gardens
  • parks and gardens in the us vs back then

Chapter 7

Reassessments of nature Romantic and ecological

  • polution getting into nature in the early 19th century
  • idea of solid ground of nature and the “nobel savage”
  • mountain glory travelers would hide in there garage to avoid seeing the mountains in between cities.
  • Kant would search for only sublime backdrops and locations
  • nature has no worth independent of human judgment
  • darwinism ecology and nature
  • the origin of species and how man has impacted evolution

Chapter 8

  • Disunited colours of nature
  • similarities between deep ecologists and the Nazi ideology
  • Nature Capitalism and socialism
  • commodification of nature
  • working class engaging in nature and using it as a reprieve from work.

Chapter 9

the future of nature.

  • where is it heading where do you see the earth in the future
  • difference between nature and wilderness.
  • the morality of earth and the end of nature.
  • tampering with biotechnology cloning genetic engineering
  • nature of animals, they are smart and have thought, can communicate, have emotions, dreams and desires.
  • post modernist chalanges.

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