Eating Animals

I liked this book because it was not to difficult to read. I found my self frequently applauding some of the ideals brought up and the whole concept of being vegetarian. But sadly I was not persuaded after the reading. I did agree with a lot of the points about animal cruelty and how it is unfair to the animals. Also I found it an extremely interesting book because my major is EMAN so while I was reading this book I was constantly relating the book to my economics mindset and how the production of food has a massive impact on society. I constantly felt like some proposed ideas would not be economically feasible. The production of cheap food is vital to the country and the world. Also I under stand the concepts of supply and demand and how this impacts the whole factory farming system, but I am still waiting for an idea that is less un just for the animals without increasing the cost of production. When I hear that idea I will be impressed. Also I will admit that I personally prefer to eating food that is no produced in factory farms, but that is not to say that I do not support them. A large portion of the world needs cheap food and I will not be the person to say that they shouldn’t have that food because the animals are experiencing to much pain and injustice. Finally I thought that this was a good book that other students will enjoy to read.

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