For me this book was very interesting and reminded me of our zero waste project for this class. This book talks about how we waste too much food and produce way too much garbage and its creating a huge problem with our waste field. It being over populated with waste and forcing to dump garbage is places that are not needed. This book was giving me some idea and ways on how we could make changes to our groups zero waste project.

In Chapter 1, we get introduced to a man named Mike Speiser ‘Big Mike’ and his many contributions to the formation of the Puente Hills landfills, located south of the San Gabriel Valley. His greatest accomplishment comprises 130 million tons of trash and counting. Puente Hills is greater than five hundred feet above the original ground level, big enough to have its own micro climate and wind patterns

The book talks about New York City and how it was one of the biggest landfills in the country. During nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, cholera causes death of New York citizens and it is very similar as what happened in Dark ages Europe. The Garbage problem has issued for long time in our history. Ancient Greek capital of Athens, middle age of ancient Romans and 1300s Paris streets also always had Garbage problem.

In Chapter 3, Humes continues talking about Puente Hills, this time introducing us to the common and unusual things one finds at dumps. The chapter had also mentioned Lippincott and his beliefs that the more we waste, the more stuff his clients could sell, the more customers would buy, and the more prosperous America would become.

The book is broken up into three parts Trash Detectives, The Way Back, and Big Mike. In the Way back section it talks about the air pollutions that happen when we try to burn the trash and that is causing more problems to our environment then putting the garbage under the ground.


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