Garbology Parts 2-3


Part 2 Trash Detectives

102-ton legacy ??

Ch. 7 The Trash Trackers!!

This Idea of Smart Trash

Cell phones tracking the flow of trash. (Ink cartridge)

How they did it? (phones)

This brings to light how our waste moves through our country along with inefficiency’s

Ch. 8 Decadence now

University of Arizona Bill Rathje is an archeologist

Surprising facts about landfills were discovered?

They act more like a burial chamber than a decomposition method

Students formed the garbage project for a study of status on people’s garbage

It showed that we can learn a lot form the garbage a person has.

There classification scheme of numbers to code their findings in the trash.

Some findings they discovered

Hazardous Waste pick up days 166

Page 177-78 1000 year landfill

Part 3 The Way Back

“What the hell was I thinking?” –Bea Johnson , on her pre-zero waste lifestyle

Ch. 9 Pick of the Litter

Artistic relations with the landfills

Show us that our so called waste is not really all waste. We can repurpose most of our so called waste into other products and reuse much more or our waste than once thought


Ch. 10 Chico and The Man

Andy Keller’s idea into big business

The Bag Monster

Students brought enough bags to tie them together around the school (500 bag average per year per family ??)(around 750 times around the world)

Irelands model


Ch. 11 Green Cities and Garbage Death Rays


Trash burning!! Good or Bad??


Ch. 12 Put-Down, Pickups and the Power of NO

Simplistic living is the way of the future but are we ready for it?



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