Vampire Predator

This article from “Science News” is about organisms that had the characteristics of vampires sucking life out of life, 750 million years ago. Scientists have recently found evidence from fossils that had punctured other single and multi-celled eukaryotes. Although, they did not sparkle these thirsty eukaryotes would suck their victim’s juices/fluids dry. Scientists now believe this eukaryote is responsible for single and multi-celled eukaryotes to develop skeletal systems and the ability to burrow into the ground, to hide from these sucking machines. Eukaryotes go back as far as 1.8 billion years ago, however, this adaption did not appear until a billion years later. They believe these predators use enzymes to eat away a hole I a victim’s cell wall before extracting the cell’s contents or even slipping through the opening to eat the cell from the inside out”. How creepy and cool is that?

The vampire-like eukaryote from 750 million years ago.

Vampire-like eukaryote from 750 million years ago.

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