Placing ANimals part 2

The second half of the book was interesting just like the first part. It had great information and was very informative. I took away many points that I enjoyed or had thought was interesting. In the beginning, Urbanik discussed the human-animal relationship and how it is broken down into 3 categories. The 3 categories are animals used for educational purposes, entertainment animals, and draft animals. The animals used for educational purposes are the ones that are dissected for science, as well testing products/chemicals on. Some people find this inhumane, but I see it as the only way to test things out. Dissecting animals help us understand their body system. When people test out products, the only thing we can really do is test them on animals. No one wants to use humans as a test when it can harm them. It is interesting how people see this as wrong to test on the animals. The entertainment animals were the animals used since the ancient roman times to today with circuses. The draft animals are the dogs that we use in law enforcement and for people with disabilities. The zoos was an interesting part. Zoos are a big business, but they are also useful. It’s great to help out animals that were in danger in the wild, as well as to study the animal. It also gives a great feeling when you go to the zoo and get to look eye to eye with a wild animal. Chapter 6 was also interesting with the discussion of wildlife conservation. Wild life traditionally has declined because of over-hunting, but now deforestation has been the main problem. The growing population of humans has led to pushing out animals from wildlife. The Amazon rain forest has been declining and has led to less area. This has led to more extinctions than what it has been in the past. Humans have been a factor of many endangered species. It was a good recap of some information but was a good book to read.

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