Current Environmental Article: Fine Against Lumber Liquidators

The company Lumber Liquidators pleaded guilty to buying illegally-harvested wood from Russia and agreed to pay a more than $13 million fine,  the largest fine ever issued under the Lacey Act. The Lacey Act bans trafficking in illegal wildlife and “specifically prohibits the important of wood taken in violation of U.S. state or foreign law… It’s the first time a U.S. company has been convicted of a felony related to timber under the Lacey Act.” I’m glad about this crackdown on illegal logging, partly because the deforestation threatens big kitties like the Siberian tiger and my very very favorite big kitty, the Amur leopard (which is the rarest big cat species in the world; there are only about 60 individuals left in the wild). The issue is that corrupt companies strip resources for profit, and they do so faster than those resources can be replenished. This disrupts the local ecosystem and makes other areas targets for deforestation as the companies move on to reap more material. Hopefully this crackdown signals a zero-tolerance attitude towards illegal logging, and is the step towards more environmentally sustainable practices.

Article here.

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