Placing Animals Response (Part 2)

I was disgusted by the practice of fur farms to electrocute animals to obtain their fur, and then how thy are then ground up and fed back to the still living animals.  Definitely makes me think twice about fur clothing.  This was emphasized by the long list of animals that go into making a single fur coat on page 110.  When comparing the maps on the next few pages, I noticed that Mexico is a top 20 producer of all of the listed types of agricultural animals, but not a top 20 consumer of any of them.  The US however is a top 20 producer and consumer of each, except for pigs, which we are only a top 20 producer.  The description of CAFO farms was not surprising.  After reading all of the books that we have, this description had no additional shock factor.  It felt like I was just reading the same thing again.  In fact, after that nothing in the book really felt “new”.  It all felt like regurgitated information from each of the other books we have read about animals.  All in all I think the book was good, it’s just that I felt myself going “uh-huh.  I already knew that” a lot.

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