Meatless Seafood

This article, found on Science Friday, is about the growing trend of developing seafood without any actual seafood present. The master certified Chef James Corwell, from the United States, was influenced after staying in Japan, since his visit he has been experimenting with fish substitutions; like tomatoes and carrots. Chef Corwell uses tomatoes to mimic the texture of Ahi tuna meat by preparing it “sous-vide”, this involves cutting the tomatoes into thin slices and boiling in water. Once seasoned with various seasonings and spices, the food tastes like seafood. Food stores like Safeway, and Whole Foods have begun to carry products that also mimic seafood, this allows it to be accessible to people and increase their intrigue in trying this new take on seafood. If this does not convince you, how about the pro’s of not ingesting high levels of mercury, and pollutants such as PCB’s as well as not over fishing the population of fish in our oceans. Studies have shown that it is becoming more popular to use meat substitutions of many kinds.

Tomato sushi, mimicked to look like Ahi tuna.

Tomato sushi, mimicked to look like Ahi tuna.

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