Environment and Society

I’m sorry it’s a late post, but here is my view on the textbook that we just read. As a textbook point of view, it was easier to read than others, but a lot of the information in the book was something I already knew. I know water bottles have become popular and create more waste than just refilling one bottle. The wolf population was a decrease, but the population has risen recently. Lawn service is also a major aspect of today. People spend a lot of money to keep their lawns tidy and green. A greener lawn means a better looking house or property. I also found some interesting points throughout the book.

  • Good lawns mean good people. Neighborhoods are considered nicer based on how the properties are taken care of. The people that have money put a lot more effort in their yard. With these nice yards, it gives the neighborhood credibility and makes it a social good.
  • water bottle consumption is a perception that other water supplies are less safe. This can be related to Smart water bottles coming out, and that they have the best water out there, which in fact all bottles are the same.
  • I thought french fries were somewhat popular before the fast food business, but the 1950s on was a boom for french fry production. The increase of fast foods used fries as a common side order.
  • The value of trees have changed and that is because of a result of deforestation. The decline of trees have been important to society from an ecological standpoint to a economic standpoint.

Overall, it was a interesting book. The book has great graphs and images to help back up information. It’s good for entry level students, but I liked the book the lot because it was easy to read.

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