Tales of a Shaman’s Apprentice


I find it amazing and wonderful how different classes at OWU tie into one another. I am currently taking SOAN 111 (Cultural Anthropology) and I am finding that many aspects of that class are applicable to this one, and vice versa. We just finished reading an ethnography titled Tales of a Shaman’s Apprentice. This ethnography was written by an ethnobotanist by the name of Dr. Mark Plotkin. It details Plotkin’s experience as a shaman’s apprentice in the Amazon jungles, trying to learn about and preserve indigenous methods of healing. Loss of environment and the encroachment of Western civilization threaten the traditional knowledge of shamans and healers, and Plotkin races against time to try to save a dying culture. This book was an engaging read and brought up issues of deforestation, habitat loss, and the clash of cultures/stifling influence of Westernization.

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