Want to fix today’s energy problems? How about Biking?

Manoj Bhargava, the creator of the “5-Hour Energy” shot, is tackling another human energy issue: fossil fuels. Through his program Free Electric, Bhargava (a multi-billionaire) has funded the development of a stationary bicycle that can generate and store power in batteries. By pedaling for 1 hour, Bhargava claims, a resident can store enough energy to run a home for a day.

Many critique his attempt to bring energy to the impoverished but his idea will be implemented in India in the following months. Besides this project, he also is looking at improving geothermal systems and making saltwater potable. He truly seems to believe in giving back. Check out an article by National Geographic here.

Then again, with all that pedaling involved maybe he is just looking for a way to sell more 5-Hour energies…

Kenda-5 Hour Energy came to the front early to take control.

Maybe Bhargava can get his Kenda-5 Hour Energy team to peddle for us?

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