Eating Mammals

Eating Animals was an interesting book to read. It was hard to agree with the author about many of the things that he talked about and what he believed. He did not turn me into a vegetarian after reading this book, but he gave me a different look on food. When I think of food, I just think of eating it. i don’t think about where it comes from, how the animals were treated, and how the animals were raised. I just think of steak as steak. After reading this, it made me think of the treatment of animals. People do not think about that because we see them as they’re going to die and be eaten anyways. We as humans are above all animals and we don’t think about the treatment or anything else for that matter. Foer brought up many interesting takes in his book.

  • On page 27, he talks about the morality of eating dogs. Although it is legal in many places, there’s a taboo on eating a man’s best friend. If you want to go with that route, then you can’teat your brother or sister for that matter. He relates this idea to the book “Animal Farm,” and that “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” (27). What makes dogs more significant than other animals? It’s an interesting thought, but that’s just how our society is.
  • Another thing that Foer brought up was KFC and the treatment of chickens. On page 67, KFC talks about how they are committed to the well being and humane treatment of chickens. In fact, that is the complete opposite. At one of their slaughterhouses in West Virginia, workers were documented tearing the heads off of live birds, spray painting their faces, and stomping on the birds. It’s against what KFC’s ideologies are, and the cruelty of animals. It’s tragic to hear how these birds are treated but they don’t care because they’ll be killed anyways.
  • Slaughterhouses were a main problem he discussed in the book. People don’t think it’s important because the animals will be killed anyways. But you have to take into effect how the animals are raised. They are not getting proper outdoor space, they are not getting fed properly, and the chemicals that these animals are getting fed. The government has become stricter than before which is great, but it has taken people a long time to figure out what has exactly been happening.

Overall, the book was interesting. He went off on many ideas, and I thought he ended the book in a great way.”If nothing matters, then there is nothing to say.” (267). This is how some humans think, but I believe it’s true.

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