Eating Animals Comments

I like Foer’s writing style. It’s conversational and informative. As a vegetarian, there were several points that I agreed with, even though his goal was not to convince people to be vegetarians, but to be conscious of where their food comes from. Here are some ideas that provoked thought:

George: The question of why we eat some animals but not others is not new. Pigs and cows are crazy cute, so it isn’t the cute factor that keeps dogs from being eaten in America. Maybe livestock animals were chosen for their use as food instead of as companions/protectors? I don’t know. No explanation makes sense to me.

Environmentalism: According to the UN, raising animals for food is one of the most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems. Yes.

Food-borne Illness: the horrible slaughterhouses are the reason bacteria get on our food and make us sick. Hemorrhagic E. Coli actually wouldn’t exist in beef if the cows were grass fed instead of corn fed. Tons of people die from this bacteria every year, but somehow factory farms are still allowed to feed cows corn??

Vegan: The testimonial of the vegan who designs slaughterhouses was interesting to me. I connected with them. I’m a vegetarian, but I’ll eat ethically raised meat. However, I’ve struggled with this. I don’t know if I’m comfortable ending a conscious life just to benefit myself when I have many, many other options for the same nutrition readily available to me. At the same time, I want to support the farmers that raise their animals with love and care, and try to slaughter them as kindly as possible.

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