Eating Animals

I found this to be actually a good read and it made me think way more on the food that I eat. Jonathan Safran Foer talked about the difficult and complex topic of the ethics and public health dangers of meat production in the United States in a way that is mostly pleasant to read. In the book when Foer talked about heavy subject he would bring people in to interview, For instance, animal rights activist, a factory farmer, a traditional pig farmer, a traditional poultry farmer, a couple who runs an ethical cattle ranch, a hardline vegetarian, and several factory farm workers. I thought this was pretty cool how Foer let these people have there own voice to speak and tell there side of the story and what they think. The reason for this book and why he wrote it is to make a point about the factory farm system does what is necessary to “feed the world.” Consumers demand huge quantities of meat and want to be cheap. One of the things that I really liked how Foer talked about was how he acknowledges the difficulty presented by social culture and tradition. How can something as good as sharing a traditional meal with loved ones be connected with something as evil as factory farming? he really talked about the culture differences and how some thing are acceptable in some parts of the world,but in other places it would be frowned upon.CHICKENS

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