A Response to “Eating Animals”

I really enjoyed this book. It is an excellent look at the buried tension between humans and their animal brethren. There is much packed into the text, but my favorite section was that of “Word/Meanings”.

Foer has an insightful and consistently inconsistent way of dealing with our relationship to animals. And of this, he highlights major things:

THE SPECIES BARRIER: For some odd reason we eat some animals while others are taboo. Why do we eat cows? But cricket chips are disgusting? Why is moral likeness assigned to dogs, but not pigs? Why the hell do we kill so much fish in the name of shrimp!? The inconsistency which with we apply this logic across contexts and locales is astounding.

INDUSTRIAL FARMING: As I read more in this class, the more I come to realize that technology is good, industry is bad. And yet, the distance with which we are separated from the slaughtering of pigs etc breaks down the values. Capitalism hides the hurt we do ourselves and others (animals). Profit, or cheap products, takes precedence over suffering.

POLARIZATION OF SIDES: We either care so much to not eat meat, or we do not care at all….is this not strange to anyone else?

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