Volkswagen: Environmental Cheats and Liars

Last month the Environmental Protection Agency caught Volkswagen rigging vehicles with illegal software that allowed them to pass emissions tests.  The software using a sophisticated algorithm, would allow the diesel cars to perform with great fuel efficiency and emit pollution during normal driving but would sense when the car is being tested and hold back pollutant emissions.  Nitrogen oxide levels from these cars are estimated to be 3 to 40 times higher than normal cars.  This huge scandal has made the automaker recall over 400,000 vehicles in the US and 11 million in Europe from 4 models from the years 2009 – 2015.  The company has fired its CEO and has taken a huge drop in stock price but more importantly the environmental impacts are still yet unclear.  Nitrogen Oxide has very harmful affects to human health.  It will be interesting to see if the company can bounce back and right its wrongs to their customers and the environment.  This article has more details. Also Hitler liked VW Bugs:

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