Delaware Run Project

Zach Siefkers project

For my project I am proposing to do a Delaware run clean up while also researching and trying to work on the Delaware Run de-channelization Project to make the north side of the academic campus more natural in a sense. This would involve me going to the 12th Annual Olentagy watershed Forum on October 22, 2015. Also I need to contact Kristin Piper to organize the run clean up. I also need to figure out if the Delaware Run de-channelization project is still a thing or not. I am planning on organizing and setting a date for the run clean up in the spring semester since it will be warmer and I will have more time to contact all the parties involved. The cleanup would be where the Run in not underground between Blue Limestone park and campus. I am doing this area because it is upstream of campus and I have helped out with clean ups on the academic part of the run already. Plus I looked at this section on campus and it does not look bad and I saw some fish in it. I am looking to plan the Run Cleanup in either March after spring break or in early April. It will probably be on a weekday since I have Track meets on the weekends or on an off weekend for track. I will present to the class at the end of the semester what I have found out about the run. This will be some facts and information about my cleanup project. Along with some notes form the forum and maybe some pictures as well. I will also present my findings and work on the Run de-channelization project.

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  1. John Krygier says:

    Make a bit more formal:
    • Cleanup: document that this will be part of one section of the spring 2016 UC 160 course; get input from Kristin Piper on where and when this should take place. Coordinate with the instructor of the UC 160 class (me!). The clean-up should also be a promotional effort to get out the idea of restoring the Run along the north side of campus. How could you use the spring event to promote the larger project to campus (and community?).
    • review previous literature/work (stuff from he previous two projects, one of which you worked on);
    • review information on stream banking – elsewhere, and anything you can find about Ohio. Include information on wetlands banking, which I believe we have. Explain how the process works, any other relevant issues you find (political push back, problems, success stories). Kristin can help you with this, but do a bit of research before you talk to her.
    • Once you have an understanding of the stream banking process we can set up an interview with the guys trying to do this in Ohio. It is good to go into an interview knowing something!
    • include at timeline for when major parts of the project will happen over the semester (and into the spring).

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