Project proposal

Bottled Water Reduction Efforts: in particular, pick up on efforts during the fall of 2015 to reduce bottled water sales on campus. Promote hydration stations, propose new locations for hydration stations (for example, in athletic facilities where large amounts of bottled water are used). Promote reusable water containers.

The goal is to ban the distribution and selling of disposable water bottles on campus. This original goal was modeled after the Ban the Bottle campaign going on internationally in high schools and universities. The focus of this goal changed when it did not appear to be economically feasible for Chartwells to do right now. The ultimate goal is to raise awareness of how disposable water bottles are a waste of resources.

I intend to survey people around campus and attempt to identify prime locations throughout the school where hydration stations would be benifical in reducing plastic bottle waste. In addition to that i am going to try and promote the use of nalgine bottles. I was thinking since the school usually gives out some free stuff to the incoming freshman a nalgine bottle would be cool. Also maybe some type of give way to the current students could get them popular. I will be in contact with Emma Drongowski of WCSA regarding this project because i believe she will be able to help me move this along.


Gene Castelli of Chartwells (

Dennis Wall of B&G (

Emma Drongowski of WCSA  (

Emily Romig of Treehouse (

The Transcript (

2 Responses to Project proposal

  1. John Krygier says:

    Overall good but a few suggestions:
    • Spend some time (pre-survey) talking to students and compile a list of places that seem to be hot-beds of bottled water usage. You can also ask this question in a survey. But track some likely locations down first (fieldwork! Go look for piles of empty bottles).
    • Please compile a draft survey and let me review before sending it out! We should probably have Gene take a look for input also before it goes out.
    • Identify large purchasers of water on campus by interviewing Gene or someone else from Chartwells. This will give you a sense of where the water may be going (you would not have to include sales to students at various food outlets on campus, I am thinking about larger purchasers)
    • Talk to someone (WCSA?) and B&G about the current locations of hydration stations and future plans (if any) for new locations. It would be good to create a map or list of these locations to promote their usage.
    • Figure out options for getting free OWU water bottles to students. Would this be a WCSA thing? Something for new student orientation? If that, who pays for new student swag?

  2. John Krygier says:

    One more thing: put together a timeline and include when you will complete major parts of the project (this can extend into spring if that is part of your plan).

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