Hearing and Perception of Food

It has been perceived that when eating food, you may think about how it might look, what the texture would be like on your tongue, how it would smell, and of course taste; but have you ever though that how you hear your surroundings while you are eating, also has an impact. Researchers are now looking into how sound, one of our major senses, contributes to how you taste and enjoy your food. Some have been able to find sufficient evidence that our hearing may also suppress how we perceive whether the food is salty or sweet. That is so cool. This makes me think appreciate how amazing the senses we have are and how they are all connected to one another, even if they appear to not. For example, the relationship between your taste, and smell. Even if you are not taking the action of smelling, you can still taste the unpleasantness or desirability of that object.


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