Bishop Bikes Proposal

Students like bicycles. If they didn’t, thousands of colleges and universities across America would not have bike rental programs. Benefits of a bike rental program include:

  1. It increases a student’s spacial mobility, allowing them access to more resources (i.e. stores, markets, health care centers)
  2. It decreases CO₂ emissions from students driving their cars to class
  3. International students and students from across the country don’t have to transport their personal bikes
  4. Students who can’t afford a bike still have access to one

In other small universities, the most common model consists of varying charges for renting a bicycle for a designated amount of time— one day, one week, one weekend, one semester, one academic year. I suggest $5-day, $10-weekend, $15-week, $75-semester, $150-academic year. Bikes not returned would yield a charge of $567 to replace the bike and equipment (e.g. lights, reflectors, locks, etc). This would fund repairs for the bikes over the years. Because Delaware is a smaller city, Bishop Bikes could also team up with the local bike shop Breakaway Cycling, perhaps renting their used bicycles or getting discounted repairs.

I am currently creating a survey that I will circulate through the student body throughout the month of October. Allowing each student to only take the survey once, I should collect enough individuals’ opinions on the bike program. The survey will ask questions like:

  1. Would you (the student) possibly rent a bike if there was a simple rental program?
  2. Where on campus would be a good place to rent/pick up the bicycles?
  3. Would an online bike reservation form be useful?
  4. Are the prices reasonable? — or — Would you rent a bike from the local shop Breakaway Cycling?

I will finish the survey within the week, circulate it through social media and the OWU daily, then compile the results by the end of the first week in November.

By the end of October, I need to contact the owner of Breakaway Cycling [(740) 363-3232] to discuss some kind of partnership. If there is no interest, I will look to WCSA or outside grants to procure bikes.

Once the plans are more solid, I will talk to the necessary OWU administrators about enacting the project. This should be in early November.

One Response to Bishop Bikes Proposal

  1. John Krygier says:

    Ok: decent proposal. I think this is a project that needs some attention to when certain people are contacted, when the survey goes out, etc.

    I strongly suggest that you write up a more detailed review the range of bike programs as they are implemented (and work or don’t work) on other campuses. In particular, focus on the kind of programs that work at campuses similar to OWU. Include sources and links when appropriate. The point is, you are looking at the big picture, seeing what works and doesn’t work elsewhere, and coming up with a proposal for a revised bike program for OWU.

    So the review then a proposed new plan for OWU.

    With a program in mind, talk to WCSA and anyone else who has been involved with these programs in the past (Dean of Students?) to see what they think about your proposal. Also breach the subject of approaching Breakaway Cycling. Sometimes there are concerns with off-campus partnerships – make sure you catch those before you contact Breakaway. The order all this happens in is important! Touch bases and get people on board on campus, then approach the off campus (potential) partner.

    This is where a timeline would come in handy.

    Once you have a plan and contacted major players (on campus and off) then devise a survey to gage student interest and ideas. I can help you revise what you already have, once you have done other work not the project. This will help determine if the plan will work for the students. Plan to use the feedback you get to adjust your plans.

    Hope this makes sense!

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