Official Project Proposal

I am helping to further along the reusable food containers.  I have done (and will continue for the remainder of the week) tabling with help from various members of Tree House to get student feedback on the system.  Also, I have done some research on some schools that have successful all-reusable containers like Denison, and they appear to use a system like the one we are already using, with the extra charge at checkout and a fine at the end of the year for any unreturned items.  Oberlin however uses a different system, so I have added some things to the survey based on what they do.  My survey will be sent out to the student population with questions pertaining to what some students have brought up, as well as some of my own concerns that I feel may need addressed.  I will post the new survey draft as a separate blog post.  As for what to do after it has been sent out and the feedback received, I will organize the results (or have help), list some ideas on how to meet the needs/requests of the students, and send it to Gene so she can take the necessary steps to make it all happen.

One Response to Official Project Proposal

  1. John Krygier says:

    Overall good. A few adjustments:
    • add a timeline that includes major parts of the project (including when the survey goes out)
    • include links to information about similar projects at other schools.
    • make sure to let me review the survey before it goes out
    • have you interviewed Gene and other Chartwells folks?
    • have you determined if the old cash registers are a problem, and if so, who is responsible for replacing them. What, if anything, can’t we do given the current cash register system?
    • consider future promotional efforts – are they needed? what would they entail?
    • begin to compile issues, concerns, etc. as the ultimate product will be a report with recommendations to improve the system

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