Nature, part 2

The second half of this book seems like it’s just more of the same from the first half.  Though some parts still caught my attention, like on page 115 when the author mentions the crime of simply being in the same area of an animal with a weapon and wearing camouflage, and that it was a hanging offense.  That’s just a dumb law in my opinion.  Another thing that caught my attention was on page 152, the paragraph that was taken from a Soviet textbook sounded like a quote you would hear from a Disney villain.  Wordsworth’s quote on page 158 seemed silly to me, in that it seemed like he was asking nature to literally speak up for itself with a tangible voice.  Then later on, namely on pages 170-171, these mentions of what sound to me like the Eco-Nazi, just sound so weird to me.  We’ve been taught to think that the Nazi regime, especially those in charge of the concentration camps, were heartless.  Yet here it is mentioned that the head of the worst camp of all, Auschwitz, had a soft spot for nature and animals.  The climax of this half though, I think, was the mention of Ed Abbey and his quote of how he’d sooner kill a human than a snake.  Mainly because we read the exact book that line came from.  So all things considered, I felt that this half of the book had nothing new to really offer compared to the first half, but it did have a few interesting mentions.

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