Nature: Part 1 Response

As was stated at the end of the last class, I felt this book read like it was somebody’s lecture notes and that I am having a hard time figuring out if this person is really arguing anything or just stating things.  Some things that made me think a little bit, include the section on page 5 about how everyone would be happy (nature included) if we just followed the rules, which I don’t think we as humans have done very well.  Also on page 6, I feel that the opposing standpoints of humanity has risen above and beyond the laws of nature, or that we have fallen from that state of grace, would be a good topic of discussion.  Something else that I have had in my mind nearly every time that the value of nature comes up, was stated on page 9 talking about the ants point of view on what is natural.  In many cases, the value we put on nature is solely artificial.  Nature is only as valuable as we make it out to be.  And what is natural or not is based on the viewpoint.  That’s not to say I don’t appreciate nature, because I do and I feel that we need to not damage it like what has been done up to now.  Then on page 27, with the quote from Chrysippus, I felt like I wanted to go back in time and punch him right in the face multiple times.  But that’s probably my modern beliefs being the complete opposite of what he had to say.  This was pleasantly countered by Pierre Rembaud, stated how everything on this Earth has its own right to live and survive.  I only disagree when it comes to not helpful things such as mosquitoes.  On page 82, he asks the question of if Pebble Beach would try to sue nature if it’s Lone Cypress tree were to fall.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they try something.  Page 85 mentions how Christopher Columbus is blamed by someone as being responsible for every environmental crisis of his time up to now.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s a bit exaggerated.  Anyway, So far I am indifferent on this book.  It reads slowly and the wording is dry, but at the same time it brings some interesting things to the table.  I do want to see what the second half has in store.

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