Insect Condos Update

So far my research into bee hotels has lead me to a more extensive project.  Starting off I was simply assuming building bee hotels would be a good start but now I realize my timeline has shifted.  Because many other insects hibernate and would use the habitats created from the bee hotel.  My next step is to determine the insect diversity across campus, with the help of the many years of collection data from the entomology classes.  Once my biological index of insect orders is established I can then determine which type of hotel to create to serve as many prominent insects as possible.  By the following week I will begin looking at my material options and gather whatever I haven’t acquired by that point. This includes the bamboo for the nesting holes, wooden pallets for structure and support, tools for construction and other small materials for building.  Once construction begins and I have an estimate of my final designs I will begin looking for suitable places around campus to put my insect hotel.  Considering the possibility of there being no feasible place on campus I will reach out to Stratford and other environmental or gardening organizations in the Delaware Community.

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