“Waste-Free” Lifestyle

There are many people that claim to live a zero-waste lifestyle and produce zero waste.  In my project I hope to see weather it is a feasible lifestyle and document my experience.  This projects goal is to reduce and reassess water, plastics, and food usage.  Trash has become a huge epidemic in the US, making major contributions to greenhouse gases and climate change.   As the waste in a landfill decomposes, it produces a number of air-toxics, carbon dioxide, and methane.  Plastic wastes are being found in oceans and are harmfully impacting marine life.

Project Outline:

  • Reduce Food, Plastic, and Water waste
    • Eat proportionally or donate leftovers/compost
    • Stay away from plastic products and packaging
    • Timed showers
  • Re-purpose “waste” items when possible
  • Document all waste
  • Collect and compare with Mikey and Brendan
  • Research and Reflection paper

The zero-waste lifestyle experiment will be a week long competition between Michael Gonzalez and Brendan Campbell.  My predictions are that Brendan will produce the most solid waste while I will waste the most amount of water.

I will write a paper and connect my experience of the zero-waste lifestyle to a global effort to reduce waste and link the EPA’s sustainable materials management plan and look at how a circular economy system could reduce waste.

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