Solar Power Home Battery Backups & Gigafactory

This past April, the luxury electric vehicle company Tesla Motors released two advanced lithium-ion battery backup products.  The Tesla Powerwall, starting at $3,000 – $3,500, is a home battery backup that stores energy at peak hours to be used in the absence of the sun.  The powerwall can be mounted on the wall of a home and take it completely off the grid to become independent of utility costs.  With solar power increasing in efficiency, this technology could be huge in transitioning the US off of fossil fuels and to clean energy.  Tesla gives an inexpensive and attractive alternative to current bulky battery backup technology.


The second product released was the Tesla Powerpack that can power on an industrial scale.  Although these products are not perfect, they are steps that will continue to optimize solar energy and establish it as a reliable energy source.  Tesla has released the patents of these products in hopes to spur competition and innovation.

Tesla also has plans to build a Gigafactory, that is completely powered on solar energy, for many of its manufacturing activities.  These innovations could help lead human progress into a clean and environmentally sustainable future.

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