Reusable Food Container Survey Draft

These are the main questions that I could think of.  If you have any ideas on additional questions I should ask, please leave a comment with your question.  You can feel free to also comment your answers to these if you would like.

Reusable Food Container Survey

  1. What class are you?        Fr          So          Jr          Sr          (Circle answer)
  2. Have you used the reusable food containers offered at Hamwill? Yes or No?  (Circle answer)
  3. If yes, how often? If no, why not?
  1. Do you think there needs to be more drop-off locations around campus? Yes or No?  (Circle answer)
  2. If yes, where? If no, why not?
  1. What are your feelings about the $5 charge for checking out one of the containers?
  1. Would you like to see OWU make the move to all reusable food containers? Why or why not?

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