The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse

Reading this book brought many interests to think about. I felt the author, Pascal Bruckner was all over the place with his ideologies. He sounded like a conspirator to me, and was saying random thoughts throughout the book. His ideas went everywhere, and many times tried predicting the end of the world, but was obviously unsuccessful. It was hard to follow where he was going, but he made some great points. Our human population is ruining the environment, but to an extent. It doesn’t help that our population is increasing rapidly and many people are not being environmentally safe.

His examples in the book are interesting. I liked his reference with “The Three Little Pigs.” He explains the story, and makes the point that when children listen to the story, they are able to acquire the ability to find their way in life and to resolve different problems. It makes sense in the perspective that our generation sees the problems that the older generation has made in society. We can take from that and build upon the world’s mistake. It’s a great reference and The Three Little Pigs is one of my favorite stories from a child (33).

Another quote that struck me was on page 28. “Selfish concern about one’s own comfort can be just as lethal as premeditated murder. Eating, lodging, and travelling makes us potential assassins whose most innocuous acts have incalculable repercussions.” All of these things are something that we have to do. What we eat affects the animals that die, the harvests that are grown and cut, and the traveling of supplies from city to city. With travelling, we don’t think of the gas we use, or the emissions that come from our car. He sees this as us murdering the planet, but not everyone sees it as that.

This book isn’t my top pick so far for the class, but he made valid points. With his philosophic and French background, it gave myself a different perspective. He did back up his information which is great, but some of the points weren’t the best.

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