The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse. Pascal Bruckner

This book was a little bit harder to read then the other ones , but I did find it to be very interesting at some points. For instance, pages 18 and 19 he argues that “ecologism has become a global ideology” that, in succeeding Marxism with a similar blend of “fatalism and activism” so saying this he is talking about the climate change and what i think he is saying to that there is no stopping this change from happening. the world one day will be gone, in other words its like an Apocalypse hence the name of the book. another argument that he suggests in his book and that there are  two options for its future. Either it chooses “anti-humanism as its principle, celebrating rivers and forests the better to castigate human beings” (p.100) or chooses what he terms an “open anthropocentric” whereby non-human life forms are, to all intents and purposes, valued because of the benefit they bring to humans, albeit including their ability to broaden our sense of humanity. From what he is saying in this part is that either we live and let live, meaning respect what is being grown on the world and stop all the killing so our world can survive. Or we keep doing what we are doing and we will run out of all our resources. This book was kind of an eye opener on how we need to change they way we think and all of our destruction we do to our planet. We are over populated and killing off any recourse we have to survive, so our future for civilization is not looking good at all for us unless we change.JAI-IC02006

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