Outline for My Project

I want to complete a plan for a native plant garden around the retention pond near Meek Aquatics Center. My Eagle Project was similar and this project will give me a chance to practice surveying and other skills that may be needed for a future career in conservation geography.

1:I will first contact the people who have suggested this project to find out what the budget is for it. This information will be crucial later on.

2: I would measure the retention pond area, slope, and surrounding land. I could do this using remote sensing information, contact the Delaware zoning commision, or even measure it with other tools.

3: Determine the underlying soil of the area near this pond. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources could help with this.

4: Contact Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed (FLOW) for additional information

5: My father is a native plants enthusiast, so I could look through his cataloges and contact members of local Native plant clubs to figure out what native plants are suitable, available, and how much they cost. From this information, I can create a plant list.

6: With this information compiled, I can create maps of this future garden.

Note: The steps will be performed roughly in this order, but some things may be switched around when convenient.

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