My Project Outline

For my project thus far I have changed the idea a little to include the sections shown below.

  1. Eco-lodging
  2. Agro-tourism
  3. Community Development
  4. Eco-treks

I would set up my ecotourism guide that would cover certain areas of Delaware County each divided into the sections of ecotourism combined to make an organized, usable, legible guide. The first being eco-lodging: this involves looking into accommodations that were built with environmental awareness, or they are in a natural setting. Agro-tourism: capitalize on rural farm communities, and encourage and protect threatened agrarian communities, demonstrates sustainable farming methods, volunteering. Community development: protecting land and livelihood of communities threatened by industry i.e. deforestation, offer services and groups that will plant trees. Lastly, Eco-treks: excursions to exotic, or appealing places that offer rock-climbing, bird watching etc. Currently working on research and picking out specific locations that I will include. I plan on going to the places myself and maybe a friend would tag along. I would take notes, take pictures, and interview people to get their opinions. I think the only people I’d get in touch with would be the owners of the lodgings, and the farms.

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