Fanaticism of the Apocalypse Response

For me a big part of this book was ecologism, and I think the title was strongly linked to this concept.   Bruckner even pointed out that this was the sole truly original force of the past half century, which to me, for a man so cynical as he is really stands out.  Ecologism really took shape throughout the 3 parts in how it awakens our sensitivity to nature and hallmarks what climate change has done to our world.   It also really help spells out the connection that Bruckner established environmentalism with original sin, that the true project of ecologism is to “condemn humans for having revolted against their fate in order to improve their condition.” This concept is vastly important because as Bruckner points out, it has become a global ideology that covers all existence, mode of production as much as ways of life.

Another powerful thing in the book was the fear tactics that were explained.  Bruckner did this throughout the book, emphasizing key things such as power, catastrophism and terror. Power is used to mobilize people to get them to overcome their divisions by creating a scapegoat.  Catastrophism makes us horrified at first to then calm us in some kind of cathartic fashion by proposing small and doable gestures in which we would hang out fate on.   Most of all though the idea of terror because “Terror is delicious when it moves us without affecting us directly.” This idea of terror and fear tactics is also linked to ecologism.  Bruckner does an excellent job of embodying the title in fear and ecologism when he states “They constantly beat the drums of panic and call upon us to expiate our sins before its is too late.”

I think Bruckner spells out his environmental plan in two ways. The first is by creating a vast list of what it should not be and who we should be saving the world from. That the real demon is the insatiable need for progress and productivity.  But not just that, he makes an important note of our almost sloth like culture by creating powerful images likening us to the titanic which is sailing towards the iceberg which is going to send it to the depths of the ocean and that it’s as if “the house is burning but we are looking elsewhere.” Lastly I think he makes he strongest point that the arrogance of people is a kind penultimate evil.  That the false prophets who use fear mongering to impose themselves above the actual problem, these are the people that are the real problem.

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