Denmark is Doing More to Prevent Food Waste

Danes now throw away 25 percent less food than they did 5 years ago! It is becoming increasingly popular to buy and consume just-expired products. One celebrity chef only uses these foods in order to show people that they can still be delicious. Selina Juul created the organization Stop Wasting Food “to to increase public awareness of the throwaway society by organizing campaigns, mobilizing the press and media, and encouraging discussion, debate and events of all kinds, all with the aim of decreasing the current mountains of food waste.” And the demand of consumers has pushed grocery stores to improve in this area, especially when it comes to produce. ‘”Sometimes maybe we’ve been too quick to say ‘this needs to go.’ But now that people are so focused on food waste, we can, for example, take the outer, [wilted] leaves off a head of lettuce and sell it at a reduced price.”‘

giphy (2)

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