More Project Stuff

I would like to dedicate time to helping with the reusable food containers in Hamwill.  I believe that I can be of use in finding out the most useful places to put additional return stations around campus.  For starters, one in Smith, Welch/Thompson, and Frat Hill would be ideal locations, so as to cover each half of residential side of campus, as well as the fraternity houses.  Eventually a plan to put one in each dorm would be ideal, but that should be worked towards rather than immediately gone for.  I’m not sure if one in each frat house would be the most feasible, but it could be looked into as well.  Except perhaps Chi Phi who really should have one, being as far away as they are.  As for collecting them, that could be either something for B&G to do, or Chartwells to do at the end of the day, or an hour after their respective dining area has closed for each meal.  That would depend on the amount of reusable containers that we have at our disposal, and also what their current schedule is like.  As far as who to talk to about it all, I think that starting with the proper building administrator would be a good starting point, or somebody that can get me in contact with said administrator.

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