The Bees

So I’ve been pretty set on creating beehives somewhere on campus since I have wanted to do it for a little while now.  I contacted some people who previously lived in Treehouse and got their insight into the best way and best place to put bee boxes.  In addition to this I have acquired basic design schemes for starter colonies.

g07601art01   g07600art02

The boxes that I would build are fairly simple in design and seem to have easy construction.  As for the location.  There are some good spots that were planned to be used for bee boxes near Blue Limestone park at one point.  I am also very familiar with both of our nature preserves and both Kraus and Bohannon would work well and be a little bit further removed from populated areas like most places on campus. The one constraint to this project may be the other various tools I will need such as a smoker, veil, hive tools, bee brushes, and possibly and extractor.  Equipment costs money and with any project, funding is a limiting factor.

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