Desert Solitaire

“Desert Solitaire,” by Edward Abbey, was an interesting read to say the least. I had to take into effect that the book was written and published in 1968. At that time, technology was not the best, and it was much easier for someone to be in isolation. Also, his attitude reminded me a lot of my great-grandfather or grandfather. He was very stern in the reading, and it was hard to enjoy his old-fashioned attitude.

In the chapter, “The Heat at Noon, Abbey had a deep insight on the wilderness. “We need wilderness whether or not we set foot in it. We need the possibility of escape as surely as we need hope. Without it, the life of the cities would drive all men into crime or drugs or psychoanalysis (Abbey, 163). I thought this was true of what he said. It’s always good to have that sense of escape to where people can out and enjoy the fresh air.He talks about how Alaska is there, but he’ll never go there. In life, there are people who can’t take the city life anymore. Abbey does show the human approach to nature and how important people need space.

I thought it was interesting how Abbey talked about how a dictatorial regime could be run. He gives 8 reasons on how it could work, and to me it sounds pretty crazy. It’s crazy that he was thinking about this, and it sounds like a conspiracy. He talks about restricting firearms, discourage population growth, continue military conscription, focus on foreign wars, and raze the wilderness (165). It sounds pretty radical, but he does have a lot of time to think in the wilderness.

The book was a good read. Taking into consideration the time of the book, it makes sense on how its read, and how to portray it. Utah is a gorgeous state, and I hope to visit sometime in the near future.

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