The Meadowlands/ introduction

  1. My name is Brendan Campbell i am a senior here at OWU. I have majored in Sports Management and mioring in marketing. I play football for OWU and part of Phi Psi fraternity. I am originally born and raised in Marietta Georgia but this past summer we moved to Raleigh North Carolina for a job opportunity for my dad. I was able to intern this past summer with Duke University doing event management and gaming operations.
  2. . this is my environmental news article that i found that was interesting.
  3.  Reusable Food Containers in HamWil, Bottled Water Reduction Efforts, Campus Bird Habitat. these are the three projects that i found interesting that i would not mind working on with another student of mine in the  class.
  4. “The Meadowlands” i found to be a little strange but at the same rime pretty interesting. the reason i found it so strange was that he was so attached to this land that was hated or disgusted with for so long by other people in the city. I wondered some of the same things Sullivan did about the Meadowlands; why it was so unpopulated, what sorts of wildlife there were, what historical significance it played? I found it very funny that p[eole kept trying to harvest this land or make something of it after so many people have lost lots of money. i wondered that dumping all that waste in there would cause any damage to the city that was fairly close too. The Meadowlands can really change or create a image, lasting perspective on a vital part of the city they talked about in the book. i find Sullivan methods to be a little strange , but at the same time inspiring because he did appreciate that land for what it was. That land to him was a beauty and knew god put it on our earth for a reason and that was not to touch it and enjoy it for what it is.

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