The Meadowlands, A mix of nature and human destitution and decay.

In this reading I didn’t find a lot find a lot to talk about since i find everything coming back to this common theme that humans are trying to change the meadowlands but fail and nature always wins.  This brings me to the view for the Meadowlands as being this separate living organism in a way that fights back to the human but can never fully recover.  It can never truly recover because when we come in and change it we do so in great ways that nature can not win. But in the end nature winners and takes over what was once its.  The Meadowlands makes me think of how we can find nature in anything it doesn’t have to be perfect in any way but as long as you like it and appreciate it then that’s all that matters.  I would find it fun to visit the Meadowlands and do some of the things in this book because i find it interesting and i like going through old places and exploring.

2 Responses to The Meadowlands, A mix of nature and human destitution and decay.

  1. John Krygier says:

    Ok posting – too brief and not particularly focused on pulling out the bigger issues we ended up discussing in class. As you are reading, pull out things that catch your attention, in particular things we could discuss in class. Generate a few questions for discussion and include them at the end. Dig up some additional information on the web and include an image or two. Look at other postings on this (and other) readings to get an idea how to get a more substantive reading posting.

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