Readings from The Meadowlands and The Trouble with Wilderness

After reading “The Meadowlands” by Robert Sullivan I was given a new perspective of the region. Since I grew up and live in Long Island New York, i am relatively close to the Meadowlands. with that being said the only previous experiances i have had were ether scanning the landscape of the meadowlands from a car window driving down the Jersey Turnpike or going to a Giants game in October. With only those limited experiences its still easy to see the pollution and toxic waste as well as the nature and the potential it could have as well as what it used to be.

Sullivan begins the book with a chapter explaining the history behind the Meadowlands. he explained how this industrial swamp was an area of many redevelopment programs which have not worked out as well as how people keep trying to fix it up but it does not really seem to be helping. He also talked about snake hill and how their was a demolition crew who didn’t want to blow it up. I did realize through the reading that Sullivan would talk about how crappy it is in one chapter and then he would look at the bright side of things in another. he also talked about landfills in a very negative way but for some reason they don’t seem to bother me as much. this might be because i have seen the potential oh how they can be transformed into useful locations. i have seen one in New York That Trump turned into a golf course and it looks beautiful as well as the ability to collect methane gas from underground and turn it into reuseable energy.finally i enjoyed this reading.

In Cronons reading the “trouble with wilderness” he talks a lot about how people think of the “wilderness”. I think he really injoys the outdoors and wilderness but he doesn’t like the whole ideology behind the concept of the wilderness. he talks a lot about the history of the wilderness and how drastically it has changed in the past 250 years. another aspect of wilderness that he talks about is national parks and how humans like to try and control everything with boundaries and other man made constructs. finally he also talks about the removal of native indians in order to create an uninhabited wilderness.

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  1. John Krygier says:

    Decent posting: You can certainly expand your comments a bit and pull out a few questions for discussion and include them at the end: the kind of things we ended up discussing last week. Also dig up some additional information on the web and include an image or two.

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