Project Ideas

Many of the previous and ongoing projects looked really interesting so I hope to come up with something that is as intresting as rest of you.  Here are some of my ideas:

  • first I was thinking maybe I can try and figure an easyer way to get people to separate there trash from there recyclables in the cafeteria. I was thinking since the plastic bottles are the main recyclable maybe I can put like a basketball hoop looking rim over the recycle bin and a free throw line and something that will catch the misses that will make them fall towards the bin. this might encourage people to not only recycle more but throw less plastic bottles with the trash.
  • the second thing I was thinking is since the new fitness center is going to be finished soon maybe we and do something like hook up an alternator to the bikes or cycles and as people run on then they can charge a battery and that can save electricity.
  • finally i was thinking because there is alway a huge amount of cans around campus after the weekend maybe they can be something they can be used for maybe to create something like art or something around campus that students can enjoy.

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