The Trouble With Wilderness Response

I think Cronon’s essay on wilderness really focused on wilderness as a concept and social construct.   Cronon addresses the issue of wilderness environmentalism which is the idea that preserving the wilderness is a way to save the planet and how this is a dangerous ideology.   I think the article has a general criticism towards the cultural aspect of wilderness  not with the nature itself.  He states that wilderness can’t be a solution to how humans interaction and relate to nature because that is a large part of the problem of human and nature dualism.

One of the other major points of Cronon’s essay is that wilderness is a human creation and there is nothing natural about the  concept of wilderness.   Wilderness is really a creation of the culture that needs and wants it.  Cronon goes on to explain how taking a trip to the wilderness is actually taking a trip into our own cultural presuppositions because it’s more of a place where people have created something mirror-like.  The wilderness that we have created is reflective of urban tourists and wealthy sportsmen who are looking for a way to spend their leisure time in “frontier fantasies.”

Cronon’s essay also examines the paradox that wilderness is a result of dualism where humans and nature are two separate entities.  I think that the essay is really a call for people to be aware that they are part of nature and their lives are connected to ecosystems beyond their immediate surroundings.  Without the idea that humans and nature are intertwined, the concept of wilderness is likely to promote bad environmental practices.

One Response to The Trouble With Wilderness Response

  1. John Krygier says:

    Good comments in the posting. Try to include a few of the issues you raise as questions at the end of the posting – things to discuss in class. Also look up some stuff on the internets and include a relevant image or two.

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