Personal Introduction

Hi, I’m Shaoyin. I am from China, and this is my junior year here at OWU which is also my third year coming to the United States. I am a Psychology and Environmental Studies double major, with a Philosophy minor. Here are some facts about me following our class trend:

  • I left my parents to study in other cities in China since middle school. So it is not very hard for me to leave my country and come to study here (based on the most frequent questions I have been asked since I came here).
  • I am the only child since I was born during the time of the Chinese One Child Policy.
  • My Chinese name given by my father actually have a meaning implying two of the famous Chinese philosopher/leader: Confucius and Mao Zedong, when the words are simply meaning the Shao music. (It also sounds very beautiful in Chinese)
  • I love to play drum and hear the beats generated from it.
  • I became a fan of the wolves after I read Wolf Totem. This is the best book I have ever read. (This book also addressed some environmental concerns which has influenced me a lot)
  • I volunteer travelled to the prairie in Inner Mongolia (the setting of Wolf Totem) this summer for a month, which means one dream done for me.

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